Our Philosophy

Trust and Responsibility

Our philosophy at VarrassoLegal is to be cost effective and transparent, while working with clients to achieve a cost effective solution for their legal matters built on a relationship of trust and responsibility

Empowering the Client

To achieve this result we believe that timely and informative progress reporting, providing advice at all relevant stages of the matter and being accessible allows the client to make well-informed decisions in relation to their matter

In dealing with clients commercial, financial and business matters we aim to:


attend to you in a timely manner;


keep you informed of your matter’s progress;


provide you with details of the costs incurred and ongoing estimates;


always provide a cost analysis of any decisions;


keep in mind your needs, requirements and objectives;


offer you advice at appropriate stages;


treat our solicitor/client relationship with integrity and transparency, and


take a personal interest in all matters we do for our client, no matter how small or big.

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